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ScanSnap Manager V5.6L10 Setup Program

Download Programs

Download the software to your hard disk by clicking the "Download" link below.

Run the following three program files from the top to install the programs.
[Download] ScanSnap Manager V5.6L10 Setup Program
icon-download  WinManagerV56L10WW.exe (346,357,320 Bytes)
[Download] OCR Pack (Americas and Europe) V1.0L20
French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian
icon-download  WinScanSnapOCRPackage001V10L20.exe (13,050,928 Bytes)
[Download] OCR Pack (Asia) V1.0L20
Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean
icon-download  WinScanSnapOCRPackage002V10L20.exe (37,392,696 Bytes)
  • Before installing ScanSnap Manager, uninstall the previous version of ScanSnap Manager.
  • Save the above programs on your computer and run them.
  • After installing ScanSnap Manager, install each OCR Pack.
  • The online update function is not available for ScanSnap Manager V5.6L10.
    To convert scanned images to searchable PDF files, or to enable the "Automatic" option of "Image rotation", download the OCR Pack with the relevant language and then install it.
  • For details about features of the programs, refer to the manual of the scanner model you are using.

Installation Instructions

For details on how to install and how to confirm version information after installation, refer to PDF Installation Instructions.

The OCR Pack (*) that matches the language used for your documents can be downloaded from the following links.

(*): The OCR Pack is a set of languages used to convert a scanned data to a searchable PDF file.