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Download ScanSnap Manager V7.0L10 (For Windows®) with limited functionality

This V7.0L10 is the early access version of ScanSnap Manager V7 which is compatible with ScanSnap iX1500.
This version has limited functionality. Please read the "Points to Note" below before proceeding.

Target OS

Windows® 10 / Windows® 8.1 / Windows® 7

Download Programs

Please read through the "Points to Note" below and check the box "I read the Points to Note" before downloading.

Points to Note

  • The ScanSnap Manager early access version only supports Windows®, not Mac.
    Both Windows® and Mac will be supported in the official release version of ScanSnap Manager. The official release version will include all of the original functionality of ScanSnap Manager.
  • The early access version is not compatible with Online Update. You will need to install it manually using the downloaded file.
  • The early access version cannot be updated to the official version. You will need to reinstall the official-release version once it is available.
  • The early access version cannot coexist with ScanSnap Home on a single computer at a time.
    To install ScanSnap Manager, uninstall ScanSnap Home(*) in advance.
    (*)Once ScanSnap Home is uninstalled, the data managed in ScanSnap Home will disappear.
    Using ScanSnap Home is recommended for managing scanned data with ScanSnap Home.
  • When ScanSnap Cloud is in use, use ScanSnap Home.
  • ScanSnap iX1500 is not described in the bundled manual or Help. Refer to the ScanSnap iX500 manual where necessary.
  • Follow the steps below to switch to ScanSnap Home from ScanSnap Manager.
    1. Uninstall ScanSnap Manager.
    2. Install ScanSnap Home.
      →[Waiting to be connected to a device] is displayed on the touch panel of iX1500.
    3. Press the  icon button on the touch panel to switch to Home screen.
  • For other points to note, refer to PDF Precautions for use.

  I read the Points to Note (required)

Click the [DOWNLOAD] button to start download.

Download ScanSnap Manager V7.0L10 (For Windows®) with limited functionality

WiniX1500ManagerV70L10WW.exe(447,062,384 Bytes)

Download ScanSnap Online Update V2.0L81 Setup Program

WinOnlineUpdateV20L81.exe(21,657,056 Bytes)

Note: Do not press the [Run] button to start downloading.
Press the [Save] button to download the file onto the hard disk.

Installation Instructions

Follow the procedures below to use ScanSnap Manager with ScanSnap iX1500.

  1. Run (Double click) the exe file you downloaded from the [DOWNLOAD] button to start installation.
  2. The installer updates ScanSnap iX1500 firmware where necessary.
    →Follow the instructions on the ScanSnap - firmware update window to update the firmware.
  3. Once 1 and 2 above are successfully completed, ScanSnap Manager is ready to use on ScanSnap iX1500.
  4. You will receive a notice about the release of official version of ScanSnap Manager if you install ScanSnap Online Update.

To create searchable PDF, install OCR Pack after installed ScanSnap Manager.
Download the necessary language pack(s).