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ScanSnap Organizer Update Pack2
Since users are required to accept the terms declared in the software license agreement prior to downloading this software, please read "terms of the Software license agreement" beforehand.

[Download]  ScanSnap Organizer V1.0L13  PfuSsOrgUp2.exe (4.14MB)

This program is no longer available to download.

  1. The failure by ScanSnap Organizer to display an error message when linked to a non-existing file has been corrected.
  2. The error where "KB" was displayed instead of "KO" as the file size unit in the French environment has been corrected.
  3. The failure by ScanSnap Organizer to indicate when a PDF file has been edited or modified (ie trimming or stamping) has been corrected.

Operating Procedures
  1. Download ScanSnap Organizer Update Pack2 (PfuSsOrgUp2.exe) onto your hard drive.
  2. Shut down ScanSnap Organizer and any other applications that you may be using.
  3. Activate the version of ScanSnap Organizer Update Pack2 that you downloaded in step one.

Now that you have completed updating your ScanSnap Organizer, please refer to README prior to activating it.

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